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Healthcare Business Manager

Duties and Responsibilities

This position reports to Administrator.

The job duties include:
1) Responsible for day-to-day financial functioning of the
skilled nursing facility, balancing quality patient
care and financial goals and performance objectives;
2) Plan, develop and implement financial policies and
procedures for providing quality care and
maintaining a sound business operation;
3) Supervise Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable function, including
complex health services billing to Medicare and Medicaid and generating aging reports,
ensure timeliness and accuracy of the monthly close;
4) Prepare financial reports, create proposals for budgeting,
cost management, strategic planning, and internal controls;
5) Work closely with manager of nursing department, external
medical providers, Social Security Administration, healthcare insurance companies
and patients case workers to keep the business running smoothly;
6) Oversee the facilitys compliance with reimbursement

Qualified candidate must have Master Degree in Business Administration and minimum 1-year experience working as the Business Office Accountant.
Proficiency in Orcas and Add-On software and knowledge of CPT and ICD-9 is required.